Kiipula Vocational College is a vocational special education school. It means that the teaching groups are small. Subjects are studied learning-by-doing as much as possible.

There is only a small amount of so-called traditional schooling in special education. You study and learn in different ways. You do a lot of practical work. During your studies, you will also co-ordinate, teamwork and participate in various projects. In your learning, you can also use blogs, learning diaries and social media, safely. When being active and interested in your own learning, this way your studies are best done.

Student's path
The vocational school of Kiipula often speaks of the student's path. In each student’s path there is:
• time before studying,
• study time and
• time after studying.

The goal of the student path is to achieve good life and work. This is to be achieved through multi professional support and guidance. Each student will get a personal competence development plan (PCDP) to support the rehabilitative education.

For our students we offer accommodation possibilities in our dormitories and versatile selection of free time activities at least in two campuses.