Exercise in Kiipula!

Guests staying at Kiipula have the opportunity to try a wide selection of exercises. They can, free of charge, borrow exercise equipment such as bicycles, skis, snowshoes, tennis rackets, frisbees, and yard games.

Guests staying at Kiipula can also use the gym, sauna, and swimming pool free of charge during their opening hours.

Forms of exercise


Kiipula has a spacious and modern gym. The warm-up equipment consists of exercise bikes, rowing machines, a treadmill, and a crosstrainer. The training equipment consists of David and Star Trac.

Opening hours:
Mon – Thur 16:00 – 20:30
Fri 08:00 – 15:00

Swimming pool and sauna

Two pools are available for customers. The big pool is 115–180 cm deep and the small pool 130-150 cm.

Opening hours:
Mon, Tue, and Thu 19:00–20:30
Wed 18:00–20:30 (sauna only)


Single fare for swimming pool or gym:
Adult €6.00
Child under the age of 12 €4.00
Combination fare for gym and swimming pool €8.00

The price of a monthly pass is €55.00 and it gives you access to both gym and swimming pool.

The single admissions and monthly passes are sold from Guest House, tel. +358 40 4563060 and email kiipula.guesthouse@kiipula.fi.

Disc golf

The Kiipula area has a disc golf course with 22 fairways. The course starts from the Sahamäentie road, very near the Guest House parking space.

The fairways are located in a pine forest. The terrain is mostly easy to walk as the course is built along the walking trail.

You can use the course free of charge, but bring your own playing gear. Accommodation guests can borrow the discs from the Guest House reception.

Remember to take others in the area into account. You throw at your own risk.


There are two tennis courts in Kiipula available for booking.

Bookings Kiipula Guest House tel. +358 40 4563060 or email kiipula.guesthouse@kiipula.fi.

The booking fee is €10.00 per hour, payment in cash or card. You can pay when you collect the court key from the Guest House reception.


Kiipula has a 9-course minigolf right next to Guest House.

Bookings Kiipula Guest House tel. +358 40 4563060 or email kiipula.guesthouse@kiipula.fi.

The minigolf fee is €4.00 per hour for adults and €2.00 per hour for children under the age of 12.

Payment and playing gear in the Guest House reception.

Opportunities for independent exercise in Kiipula

  • Crosstraining rack
  • Outdoor gym
  • Beach volley
  • Mountain biking
    The ridges in the Kiipula area are a fantastic setting for easy or more challenging mountain biking.
  • Nordic walking, hiking
    Walking enthusiasts can enjoy the forest trails, which are 1–8 km long.
  • Trail running, cross-country running
    There are many different kinds of trails in the Kiipula forest suitable for runners.
  • Orienteering, Mobo orienteering
    The Mobo orienteering trail begins from the Guest House customer parking space.
  • Skiing, snowshoeing
    The terrain in the Kiipula area is a good setting for wintertime exercise.

Guests staying at Kiipula can borrow, free of charge, equipment from the Guest House reception.

We also hire out snowshoes for other customers, €5.00 per person per instance. Inquiries to Kiipula Guest House tel. +358 40 4563060 or email kiipula.guesthouse@kiipula.fi.


The hut can be used when you have reserved it. Inquiries and bookings. Contact yrityspalvelut@kiipula.fi


The lean-to can be used without reservation. However, you can also reserve it for yourself/your group. Contact yrityspalvelut@kiipula.fi.